Coming of age - Short
Duration: 17"

Berlinale 2022 - Crystal Bear Nomination
Shortcuts Amsterdam 2023 - Nominated for best soundtrack
LimburgĀ Film Festival 2022 - Winner best short film
Robin (15) and her best friend Merel share everything and are inseparable. They spend almost every day together. Best friends discuss everything. Except for what Robin does in bed at night; she is ashamed of that. The fact that Merel gets a rather rude boyfriend makes the whole thing even more uncomfortable.
I was delighted to compose a soundtrack for this coming of age short. It'd be a perfect fit for a more warm and lighthearted upbeat tone. I'm proud to say that not only was this film selected for the Berlin film festival, I also received a nomination for best soundtrack at the Shortcutz film festival in Amsterdam. It was Nicole who took the cake however winning an award for best director at the same festival!





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