Thank you for visiting my site. I put a lot of effort in my work and I'm proud to be able to show it to you here. I'm a filmmaker with Dutch roots currently living and working in Maastricht. I always strive to get the best imagery possible. In doing that I try to be as "real" as I can. Every photograph you see here is either made completely analogue or with as little digital intervention as possible. So no post-production effects, tricks or cleaning. Only real, in-camera photography.

Unfortunately I don't have the funds to film analogue as well. However: my philosophy also applies to my cinematography. I create the image I want on set, in-camera. You won't hear the famous words "fix it in post" coming from my lips often!
Now you know how I work, take a look at what I make. If you like what I do feel free to tell me! Maybe we'll start working together or we can just sit down for a cup of coffee (or a glass of whiskey), there's a contact form in the menu.

In the mean time: if you'd like to know what I'm up to at the moment, like my Facebook page and Instagram to keep track of all my latest work.

Thanks again for visiting!
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